Vecenergy Loses No Time Building Its New Business

Vecenergy Loses No Time Building Its New Business
(1st / 2nd Quarters 2008)

Vecenergy hasn’t lost any time building its petroleum and energy business. In fact, it hasn’t lost a single minute literally.

Through April 2008, the group’s energy division has had zero lost-time accidents since opening its first facility, South Florida Materials Corp., at the Port of Palm Beach in 2004.

Over the past four years Vecenergy has grown rapidly – and safely – adding a diesel terminal to its liquid asphalt business in Palm Beach and acquiring a fuel-offloading business, renamed South Florida Petroleum Services, at Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale.

Also at Port Everglades, Vecenergy Logistics is putting up a bulk fuel terminal set to open in late 2008 with 1.3 million barrels of capacity, while Vecenergy Resources provides fuel additive services to ships in South Florida and other port locations in the U.S. and abroad.

Throughout Vecenergy’s tremendous growth, management and crews have kept safety front and center. Indeed, there’s been no time for anything less.

“As we build the business, we build safety right into the core systems and processes at every level of our operations,” explained Todd Cannon, Division Vice President.

“Safety is at the heart of any well-run operation. It’s the most important thing we can do. We’re all very proud of the entire Vecenergy team for the safety record we’ve been able to put together.”

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