Vecenergy Secures Land, Permits For Large Port Manatee Terminal

Vecenergy has turned to the Gulf Coast for further expansion into Florida’s terminal market.
The Vecellio Group’s energy division opened its first facility, a liquid asphalt terminal, at the Port of Palm Beach in 2004, expanded it to include diesel tanks in 2007, then built a petroleum terminal at Port Everglades, in operation since early 2009.

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Vecenergy Secures Land, Permits For Large Port Manatee Terminal

The facilities have a combined terminal capacity of more than 1.7 million barrels, all owned and operated by Vecenergy. While these achievements are noteworthy, they’re really more of a starting point than a plateau, said President, Christopher Vecellio.  

With the same long-term vision that has fueled the growth of the fourth-generation, family-owned Group since its founding in the 1930s, the firm has secured the land and received needed permits to build a large terminal facility at Port Manatee, across from St. Petersburg on the southern side of Tampa Bay. The facility’s in/out modes will include tanker, rail, barge and tank truck, and the domestic market area will include virtually the entire southwest portion of the state.

Discussions with potential supply partners are currently underway.

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