Hal Jones Contractor Restoring Marina in Historic St. Augustine, FL

Q4 2023 VanGuard
Q4 2023 VanGuard

Hal Jones Contractor, a sister company of Vecenergy, is working with the City of St. Augustine, FL to restore the marina that was significantly damaged by hurricanes. They are currently preparing to install new steel piles, rub boards and bumpers. This upgrade will help the marina better withstand any new storms that may impact the historic city in the future. With two-thirds of the work completed, the final stage will be to demolish and reinstall the remainder of the floating dock system at the marina.

Also featured in this issue of VanGuard, the Vecellio Group’s award-winning newsmagazine, are Ranger Construction’s commitment to safety and planning. Sharpe Bros. wrapping up multiple resurfacing projects, and Murray Logan’s completion of a new community pump station supporting Avenir, a new residential community in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

The Vecellio Group’s 2023 Employee Service Award recipients are also included in this issue. Profiles of those celebrating 20-year, 30-year, and 40-year anniversaries provide insight to some of the key factors leading to their longevity and success.

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Click the cover image or links below for articles and photos about the companies, divisions and dedicated workforce of the Vecellio Group. Operations include Vecellio & Grogan and its Sharpe Bros. and Hal Jones Contractor divisions, Murray Logan Construction, Ranger Construction, and White Rock Quarries. The Group also includes Vecenergy, its energy division (South Florida Materials Corp., South Florida Petroleum Services, and Vecenergy’s petroleum products terminals in Florida, Georgia and Alabama).

Contents Include:

  • V&G Performs Major Bridge & Roadway Improvements in Ft. Pierce, FL
  • Our Hearts Go Out To a Fallen Team Member and His Family
  • Ranger’s South Region Ends 2023 With a Focus On Employees’ Commitment to Safety & Planning
  • Sharpe Bros. Wraps-Up Multiple Resurfacing Projects
  • 2023 Employee Service Award Recipients
  • Promotions, In Memoriam, Retirements and New Employees
  • Recognition of Employees With Five Years or More of Dedicated Service
  • New Avenir Pump Station Ready to Support Growing Community

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