Safety 24/7: Workers Gear Up Day Or Night At Custom Vending Stations

Also: South Florida Petroleum Services Upgrading Infrastructure As Part of Port Expansion

(4th Quarter 2018)

VanGuard 4rd Quarter 2018 -- Published by Vecellio Group, Inc.One of the Vecellio Group’s Florida-based companies now has industrial vending stations at many of its locations, allowing workers to access a wide range of safety and job site gear at any time using their employee and job details. The vending stations at Ranger Construction provide access to job gear outside normal requisition channels and hours, useful because of the company’s wide service area covering multiple central and south Florida markets. The machines also allow real-time inventory control for faster restocking, while reducing front-office paperwork.

This and other news, including infrastructure upgrades at Vecenergy’s South Florida Petroleum Services at Port Everglades, are featured in the latest issue of VanGuard, the Vecellio Group’s award-winning publication. The infrastructure upgrades are part of the port’s multi-year expansion project to accommodate larger petroleum vessels.

Click the image or the links below for a variety of articles and photos about the companies, divisions and dedicated workforce of the Vecellio Group, which includes Vecenergy, Vecellio & Grogan, Sharpe Bros., Hal Jones Contractor, Ranger Construction Industries, and White Rock Quarries.

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Contents Include:

  • Safety 24/7: Workers Gear Up At Vending Stations
  • Vecellio & Grogan Awarded 25-Mile WV-10 Project
  • A Word From Leo A. Vecellio, Jr: Dedicated Teams Build Group’s Success
  • Sharpe Bros., Hal Jones Contractor Making Good Progress On Variety Of Projects
  • Family Foundation Scholarships Help Students Reach Educational, Career Goals
  • Vecellio Group Honors 25 Service Award Recipients With Combined 650 Years Of Service
  • Vecellio Group Proudly Recognizes All Employee Anniversaries of Five or More Years
  • Ranger Employees Pick Up Gifts For Putting Safety First
  • Smile, You’re On Vecellio Group Camera!
  • New Hires, Promotions, Retirements, In Memoriam
  • Vecenergy’s SFPS Rebuilding Infrastructure to Support Major Expansion at Port Everglades
  • Vecellio Group Contact Information
  • Vecenergy Retrofits Tank For Biodiesel In Albuquerque

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